A one-week introduction to the art of Cartooning, Puppet Making and Claymation!

Led by former Simpsons & Disney Animator Tim Decker and his talented group of guest artists.

Camp Activities


Claymation Stop-motion is an animation technique that dates back to the early days of film and has had a resurgence in recent years with films like The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wallace and Grommet, and Pirates! Band of Misfits. Using simple stop-motion animation techniques, we will bring the kids characters to life in this fun, hands-on cartoon adventure. We will take on the process of film making by taking a story from concept to storyboard to animated short film using clay and a camera. Skills featured: storytelling, drawing, sculpting, set design, frame-by-frame animation.

Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon DrawingHave you ever wished you were better at drawing cartoons? Basic drawing skills are often an important beginning to any art project. You might be surprized to learn how quickly professional cartoonists get ideas on to paper using simple techniques. With these skills, everyone is an artist. At Cartoon Adventure Camp, we’ll teach you these step-by-step techniques that will open the doors to your world of cartoons! Skills featured: drawing, basic cartoon anatomy and emotional expression

Puppet Making

WebKids will experience the process of puppet design, resulting in the creation of an original hand and rod sock puppet. Students will explore the materials and mechanisms used by professional puppet builders to create the creatures that only exist in their imaginations. Students are welcome to bring materials from home: buttons, pom-poms, or anything they think can be used in the development of their puppet. In addition we will have materials for basic puppets in class. Skills featured: storytelling, handicraft, character design, teamwork & cooperation.

Summer 2014 registration will begin in January 2014.

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It’s an exciting adventure each day!

Everyone is an Artist

Students will work with Tim and his Cartoon Crew to create new worlds and characters to explore. Kids will have the rare opportunity to find out how their favorite TV shows and movies are made.

In one week, campers will:

Learn what a storyboard is, and how real-life cartoonists use them to plan their stories

Draw lots of different characters, in a step by step approach

Design and create a hand-and-rod sock puppet creature

Build a character out of clay and learn how to bring it to life!